Trends of villa

Thailand has long been one of the world's top holiday destinations. The tourism sector has recently embraced a new trend that is the holiday in luxury villas. Customer habits are changing and today's travellers are looking for unique and ultimate experiences. So, travellers prefer relaxing holidays specifically tailored for luxury, comfort and privacy.

Why choose a luxury villa rather than a hotel for your holidays?

Luxury villas offer privacy. If you decide to spend your holidays in a hotel, you are certain to be in a central location of your destination, but you will also be surrounded by groups of people, children running and screaming in the corridors and tourists you have to share the space with. On the other hand, luxury villas offer you more privacy. You can sunbathe or hop into a jacuzzi, swim in a swimming pool, and meditate in a private garden.

The villa is your home because it is a private residence. You will have more rooms than in a hotel. It is designed to host families and friends, not tourists. You are the host, able to design and provide the hospitality your parties and control your environment. In a villa environment, you are in charge of the start and end times of the party or event. Serve drinks inside and out. The chef may serve dinner at 7 P.M., the DJ arrives at 10 P.M. Delightfully, the schedule is yours so that if you and your guests want to party all night or choose whatever music you want at whatever sound level you want that is your privilege.