For villa owners who wish to recuperate their investment by renting out their villas, Anchan Villas Holiday (AVH) provides a five years fixed guaranteed rental income.

  • A guaranteed rental income of 6% per year of the final selling price of the property for 5 calendar years.
  • Complimentary 30 nights stay per year (Free utilities).
  • No modifications to the design or finishing materials will be permitted.
  • Owners are required to purchase the standard Furniture Package and Rental Accessory Package.
  • The Rental Agreement will be effective for 5 calendar year from the date of transfer of the property.
  • The rental income will be paid twice a year.
  • The complimentary night’s stay per year 30 nights will be calculated in point system, every year there are points to use.
    Peak Period : 20 December - 28 February (1 night x 3 points)
    High Period : 1 - 19 December, 26 February – 30 Apr, 15 July – 15 August (1 night x 2 points)
    Normal Period : 1 May - 14 July, 16 August - 30 November (1 night x 1 point)
  • The complimentary stay must be booked at least 90 days in advance.
  • In case owner’s property is occupied during the desired booking period, an alternative property with an equal or a higher standard be arranged by Anchan Villas.
  • Owners shall be responsible for maintaining the structure, gardens, pool and associated Common Area of the property in good order.
  • Anchan Rental Management shall be responsible for the replacement/repairing of any items damaged by any tenants.
  • Upon the end of the Rental Agreement term, Anchan Rental Management will restore the property to its original condition excluding normal wear and tear.